About Us

We’ve been in the business of keeping people securely connected since 1984.

Corporate Background

LAN-ACES, Inc. is a privately held company with corporate offices in Houston, TX. LAN-ACES is dedicated to providing personal and group productivity solutions for all types and sizes of companies and networks. Our flagship product, Office-Logic Groupware, along with Office-Logic Remote, Office-Logic InterChange, Office-Logic I-Net provides end-users with integrated tools to enhance their ability to communicate and perform tasks more efficiently.

In development since 1984, Office-Logic Groupware has been extremely well accepted because of the high degree of integration of the various modules. In addition to Personal and Group Scheduling, it includes Electronic Mail, the Phone Message Center, Database access, Cardexes, Direct Modem and Internet Communications, Discussion Forums, Real-time conferencing, and much more. The diversity of the modules included in Office-Logic Groupware demonstrates that LAN-ACES possesses the ability, knowledge, and experience to build systems that work.