Office-Logic Groupware

The logical choice for group productivity.

Office-Logic offers users in a network/WAN environment the capability to send and receive local and internet e-mail, personal and group scheduling, database management, real time chat sessions, phone message system, cardex, and even an In/Out board. It is one of the most complete and comprehensive groupware solutions on the market that make office communications easy.

LAN-ACES, Inc. has been in business since 1984, which makes us one of the pioneers in the Groupware Industry. Group Productivity doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

“The Logical Choice for Group Productivity” 

Get your office organized with this award-winning groupware package! Interactive e-mail/ scheduling is just the start of how Office-Logic can increase efficiency and effectiveness of office procedures. Office-Logic provides a one-stop resource for fully-integrated solutions to increase your company’s productivity. Our commitment to the pursuit of excellence is stronger and more clearly defined than ever before!


Office-Logic contains many new features and enhancements that our clients have been asking for. A highlight of new features includes:


  • Improved Spell Checking 
  • Improved Search Capabilities with Search Status information displayed on Status Bar 
  • Added feature to search e-mail using a date range 
  • Categorize and Color Code E-mail Messages 
  • Displays available e-mail addresses to pick as you type 
  • Displays picklist of attachment files available when typing in the Attachment field instead of only recent attachment files 
  • Added To:, Cc:, and Bcc: buttons on Compose E-mail window to select addresses from available address books 
  • Ability to save a copy of a sending e-mail to a specified folder 
  • Added feature to Print an e-mail when sending  
  • Ability to link a contact to an e-mail folder 
  • Attachments can be displayed and opened from the preview window 
  • Folder\Mailbox limitation increased to 32767 e-mail messages 
  • Define Shared Folder\Mailboxes for multi-user access 
  • Added button to view plaintext when reading an e-mail 
  • Added Richtext button when composing an e-mail 
  • Can set default template to be used automatically when composing new messages 
  • Can define different Fonts for Mailbox List, Message List, Preview Information, Plaintext Messages, Richtext Messages, Message Header, and Rule Display Messages 
  • Added feature to reset the column widths in the e-mail message list 
  • Saving addresses now supports multiple address books 
  • Save Address option remembers last address book selected 
  • Added rule action to copy message to box 
  • Added rule for color-coding of e-mail messages 
  • Added rule to copy message to another mailbox 
  • Added Rule action for auto-forwarding to small device – sends 1000 characters of plain-text 
  • Added feature to import auto-complete e-mail addresses from Outlook 
  • Hyperlinks and e-mail addresses in header can be clicked 
  • Shows e-mail address when hovering over recipient in compose window 
  • Can import multiple address books 
  • Supports S/MIME signed messages
  • Supports SSL for POP and IMAP connections by adding :993 or :995 to host name


  • Categorize and Color Code Appointments 
  • Added Agenda view to scheduler 
  • Added Work-Week view to scheduler 
  • Added “Today”, “Show shared”, “Show deleted” to right-click menus 
  • Includes VCS file as attachment when sending appointment 
  • Can select and open individual appointments in weekly view 
  • Can select first day of week to show in weekly view 
  • Added Show Shared icon to display or hide shared appointments 
  • Added title bar to daily view allowing previous and next days to be selected 
  • Added title bar to monthly view allowing previous and next month to be selected 
  • Added title bar to weekly view allowing previous and next week to be selected 
  • Appointments can be dragged and dropped in monthly view 
  • Appointments can be dragged and dropped in weekly view 
  • Arrow keys can be used to navigate to previous/next months 
  • Can configure colors and fonts in daily view 
  • Can configure colors and fonts in monthly view 
  • Can configure colors and fonts in schedule views 
  • Can configure colors and fonts in weekly view 
  • Can have multiple e-mail addresses on appointment reminder 
  • Can print schedule search results 
  • Can select and open individual appointments in monthly view 
  • Can select which days of week to show in weekly view 
  • Can show weekends in one box in weekly view 
  • Category/color can be assigned to individual appointments 
  • Configuration organized into daily, work-week, weekly, monthly sections 
  • Daily view shows appointments graphically as blocks so duration and conflicts are easier to visualize 
  • Selecting view from schedule menu also makes it the default view 
  • Shows indicator when more appointments exist than can be displayed in daily view 
  • Shows indicator when more appointments exist than can be displayed in monthly view 
  • Shows indicator when more appointments exist than can be displayed in weekly view 
  • Supports global alarms and reminders 
  • Tab key can be used in daily view to cycle through appointments 
  • When opening recurring appointment, asks whether to open series 
  • Can create new appointments from monthly and weekly view without opening daily
  • Can delete appointments from scheduler monthly and weekly views
  • Does not display floating private appointments overlaid from other users 
  • Does not show category of private appointment 
  • Does not show Notes of private appointments 
  • Can click on days of week to select daily view from Work Week View 
  • A copy of appointment is made if dragging to another user 
  • A copy is made when dragging global appointments 


  • Can disable all sound or popup notifications from “General Configuration” (General Configuration can be accessed after selecting Window-Close All) 
  • Ensures dialog boxes created in viewable area on dual-monitor system
  • Ensures window created in viewable area on dual-monitor system
  • Gets server time using UTC for workstations in other time zones
  • Added setting in OL.INI to require password to meet password requirements before user can login
  • Can specify in OL.INI the number of days before passwords expire and must be changed
  • Added “Auto-login using network username” to login settings
  • Added status bar history button to bottom left


  • List columns resizable
  • Database names can be up to 64 characters


  • Added new phone status of “Urgent”
  • Reads from phone database in batches for increased performance
  • Recipients of phone messages can specify an e-mail address for a copy of their new phone messages to be sent to (from Options-Configure)


  • Font can be selected in notepad list
  • List columns resizable
  • Long notepad names now allowed


  • Long to-do list category names now allowed


  • When using extra POP accounts, does not leave messages on server unless configured
  • Global user can edit user’s LOGIC.INI file from userlist

Plus a whole lot more:

  • Updated Chat now allows multiple users.
    • Chat with multiple users within the same session.
  • Added button to insert signature at cursor position.
    • Insert your signature where you want.
    • This option is very useful when using the “Start replies at of message” option.
  • Added feature to save message to a specified folder when sending.
    • Keep a copy of your outbound messages into organized folders.
  • Added feature to print message when sending.
  • Message List displays message sizes.
    • Messages with attachments now display the message size within your message list.
  • Added feature for shared folders.
    • Setup shared folders that can be accessed by multiple users.
  • Saving Draft messages now include attachments.
  • Scheduler features.
    • Redesigned scheduler combines the total management of your calendar and scheduling needs into one intuitive interface.
    • Features like: tab control to allow easier access to customized reminders (alarm events), group scheduling, attendee status, and recurring appointments. Includes group recurring (repeating) appointments, Sharing and Overlaying calendars of other users for a “total picture” view of calendar items.
  • Enhanced Contact Manager.
    • A new Contact Manager that allows users to manipulate their contact information in an easy to use interface. The Contact Manager allows users to send e-mail or dial phone numbers directly from a contact record (hardware dependent). The Contact Manager is completely customizable and allows for easy access to contact information, contact history, and contact summaries. The Contact Manager can be synchronized with your smartphones.
  • Updated Contact/Address Book menu for easier addressing options.
    • Recipient selection redesigned to support multiple address books.
    • An easier interface to select addresses and assign them to the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: fields.
  • Enhanced Virus Protection.
    • Office-Logic Groupware has new features to protect your e-mail and network environment from malicious virus and worm attacks. If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, YOU ARE VULNERABLE. Office-Logic closes the holes in your virus security.
  • Safer Viewing:
    • E-mail HTML filtering using SANITIZE.TXT before viewing.
    • Images in E-mail suppressed before viewing:
    • Many images include e-mail address verification back to the SPAMMERS. Simply click a button to view images in messages.
  • User configuration options now follow users to different workstations on the network.
  • Global Disclaimer/Signature on all outbound messages.
    • Office-Logic Groupware allows you to create multiple GLOBAL signatures that will be appended to all outbound messages.

Office-Logic Groupware has several new SPAM filtering options that when used together with our Office-Logic InterChange SMTP mail server will block 100% of automated SPAM.