Why Use Office-Logic?

We offer more features and a safer virtual environment in a more cost-effective and user-friendly package.

Why should I use Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange instead of Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook?

Aside from Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange offering more features, a safer environment against Virus and SPAM attacks, and is easier to maintain over Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook, it is also extremely cost effective.

According to an article on Microsoft’s website, they proudly proclaim how they have lowered the price of migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 from $400 per mailbox to $200 per mailbox.  This reflects a savings of 50% over their last migration estimates.  Please remember, they are not talking about the cost of migrating from another companies e-mail system to Exchange, they are thrilled about the cost of migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Exchange.  The article gives most of the credit to the reduced cost of migration due to the fact that the number of third party utilities and knowledge bases available have increased.  With more utilities and information available, they believe the amount of time technicians will need for the migration process will be reduced, thus cutting costs.  These estimates do not include yearly support, product updates, virus protection, SPAM filtering, or many of the other features found in Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange.

Click here to view the document that was posted on Microsoft’s website.

Using this independent study, an Exchange site with 100 users can estimate the cost of upgrading their Exchange Server to the next version will be around $20,000.00, and take several weeks if not months to implement.

A 100 user site running Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange can estimate their upgrade costs to a newer version to be around $2,695.00, which is the cost of their USE Agreements.  Estimated time to upgrade both Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange to a newer version will be around 30 minutes. The upgrade cost for Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange includes unlimited Technical Support, Product Updates, SPAM Filtering and Automatic Virus Definition Updates for 12 months.

With all the facts, people should be asking; Why should I use Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook instead of Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange?

For more information and a comprehensive case study between Office-Logic InterChange and Outlook, take a look at the following:

Pros and Cons: Outlook vs Office-Logic InterChange – Which is better? — A case study

Office-Logic offers users in a network/WAN environment the capability to send and receive local and internet e-mail, personal and group scheduling, database management, real time chat sessions, phone message system, cardex, and even an In/Out board. It is one of the most complete and comprehensive groupware solutions on the market that make office communications easy.

LAN-ACES, Inc. has been in business since 1984, which makes us one of the pioneers in the Groupware Industry. Group Productivity doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

“The Logical Choice for Group Productivity”

Get your office organized with this award-winning groupware package! Interactive e-mail/ scheduling is just the start of how Office-Logic can increase efficiency and effectiveness of office procedures. Office-Logic provides a one-stop resource for fully-integrated solutions to increase your company’s productivity. Our commitment to the pursuit of excellence is stronger and more clearly defined than ever before!


Office-Logic version 8 contains many new features and enhancements that our clients have been asking for. A highlight of new version 8 features includes:

  • Updated 3D buttons.
  • E-Mail Preview Window.
    • Users can quickly view messages in a Preview Window without actually opening the message. The time that previewed messages can be viewed before being marked “read” is configurable in 1-second increments from 0 (never) to 999999 (11.5 days).
  • Preview Window displays From, To, Cc, Subject, and Date information.
  • New Sent Items Folder.
    • Keeps a copy of outbound messages for configured number of days (default 10). Sent Items folder works even if Archiving is turned off.
  • Nested Mailboxes.
    • Create multiple folders and sub-folders with long file name support to help organize and maintain your e-mail messages.
  • Updated Chat now allows multiple users.
    • Chat with multiple users within the same session.
  • Added button to insert signature at cursor position.
    • Insert your signature where you want.
    • This option is very useful when using the “Start replies at of message” option.
  • Added feature to save message to a specified folder when sending.
    • Keep a copy of your outbound messages into organized folders.
  • Added feature to print message when sending.
  • Message List displays message sizes.
    • Messages with attachments now display the message size within your message list.
  • Added feature for shared folders.
    • Setup shared folders that can be accessed by multiple users.
  • Saving Draft messages now include attachments.
  • Scheduler features.
    • Redesigned scheduler combines the total management of your calendar and scheduling needs into one intuitive interface.
    • Features like: tab control to allow easier access to customized reminders (alarm events), group scheduling, attendee status, and recurring appointments. Includes group recurring (repeating) appointments, Sharing and Overlaying calendars of other users for a “total picture” view of calendar items.
  • Enhanced Contact Manager.
    • A new Contact Manager that allows users to manipulate their contact information in an easy to use interface. The Contact Manager allows users to send e-mail or dial phone numbers directly from a contact record (hardware dependent). The Contact Manager is completely customizable and allows for easy access to contact information, contact history, and contact summaries. The Contact Manager can be synchronized with your smartphones.
  • Updated Contact/Address Book menu for easier addressing options.
    • Recipient selection redesigned to support multiple address books.
    • An easier interface to select addresses and assign them to the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: fields.
  • Enhanced Virus Protection.
    • Office-Logic Groupware has new features to protect your e-mail and network environment from malicious virus and worm attacks. If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, YOU ARE VULNERABLE. Office-Logic closes the holes in your virus security.
  • Safer Viewing:
    • E-mail HTML filtering using SANITIZE.TXT before viewing.
    • Images in E-mail suppressed before viewing:
    • Many images include e-mail address verification back to the SPAMMERS. Simply click a button to view images in messages.
  • User configuration options now follow users to different workstations on the network.
  • Global Disclaimer/Signature on all outbound messages.
    • Office-Logic Groupware allows you to create multiple GLOBAL signatures that will be appended to all outbound messages.

Office-Logic Groupware version 8.x has several new SPAM filtering options that when used together with our Office-Logic InterChange SMTP mail server will block 100% of automated SPAM.