Office-Logic I-Net

Organize and document messages, schedules, and tasks.

Office-Logic I-Net is a powerful Windows e-mail client that supports POP3/IMAP4 that allows users to manage their Mail accounts with a more efficient and user friendly interface.

Designed specifically for Office-Logic Interchange and WebMail users, Office-Logic I-Net is easy to setup. All you need is your server name (the same one you use for WebMail), your User Name and Password to access your account. Your WebMail/InterChange addressbook and scheduler are automatically synchronized when ever you have a connection to the Internet.

While Office-Logic I-Net makes it easy to send and receive e-mail from your accounts, it also gives you full management control with Optionally Configured Features, such as:

– Automatically Print a copy of outbound messages when sending
– Automatically File a copy of sent messages to a defined folder
– Advanced Rules Management to automatically: Manage your incoming e-mail with the most Robust Rules Engine available, Categorize messages by Color Codes, Play special Sound Notifications for different messages, Forward or Redirect messages, Display Message Box with message information such as Sender and Subject, Automatically Move Messages to defined folders, Automatically Print inbound messages, Even Execute Command, such as Open MS Excel, when defined messages are received
– Full featured Personal and Group Scheduling: Manage Personal Appointments, Create Group Appointments and invite other users, Categorize appointments by Color Code to easily view schedule, Create Recurring Appointments, such as Department Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday, Display appointments with Daily, Work Week, Weekly, Monthly views
– To-Do Lists: Create multiple To-Do Lists to help Manage Your Tasks

Plus much more…

Office-Logic I-Net makes managing your account easier by offering you a more productive and intuitive program interface.

Office-Logic I-Net is a powerful POP3/IMAP4 client that allows users to access their E-Mail and with Office-Logic InterChange have access to their Calendars, Contacts, To-Do Lists, Notepads, and Cardex’s.

Office-Logic I-Net uses the same intuitive interface found in Office-Logic Groupware that makes it simple to use with little administrative training.

Whether at the office, at home, or on the road, Office-Logic I-Net keeps you informed.