Office-Logic InterChange

Office-Logic InterChange is a single solution, high-powered e-mail server based on open Internet standards.

Office-Logic InterChange protects your users, workstations and servers from malicious Virus and SPAM attacks. SPAM or Virus infected messages are identified and managed by Office-Logic InterChange before your users have access to them, reducing the risks of infecting your environment.

Office-Logic InterChange offers incredible flexibility for remote access, reducing remote e-mail costs and simplifying e-mail management. Users can access their e-mail and calendars from anywhere using a standard web browser. Office-Logic InterChange also allows remote e-mail access using any client that supports either the IMAP4 or POP3 protocol. Office-Logic InterChange allows you to easily migrate your users, their e-mail, address books, rules, personal distribution lists from Infinite WebMail and calendars from WebScheduler for WebMail.

Office-Logic InterChange now includes White List – Challenge Response SPAM blocking technology that will eliminate 100 percent of automated Junk Mail from cluttering your users mailboxes.

When an inbound message is received by Office-Logic InterChange, and before the message is delivered to the local user, Office-Logic InterChange will verify that the senders e-mail address is listed in either the local users White List, Personal Address Book, or Global Address Book.

If the senders e-mail address is listed, then their message will be delivered immediately to the local users Inbox. If the senders e-mail address is not listed in the local users White List, Personal Address Book, or Global Address Book, then the message gets stored in a DETAINED folder in the users mailbox. Office-Logic InterChange will then send a Challenge Message back to the sender that includes a link to verify their address and release their message to your local user. When the sender selects the link in their Challenge Message, their original message is released from the local users DETAINED folder into their Inbox. The senders e-mail address is then automatically added to the local users White List. Each sender has to verify their address only once per local user, and your administrator and local users do not have to do anything if they don’t want to.

If the sender does not release their message, which automated Junk Mail services will not have the capability or resources to do, then the message is automatically deleted from the local users DETAINED folder after a configured number of days (default is 10 days).

If a message is released that you still consider to be Junk Mail, then you can Block List that e-mail address from sending you messages in the future. Local users can also go into their DETAINED folder at any time and manually release, Block List, or Delete any message. Users can easily propagate their White List or Block List by selecting one or several messages at a time and then clicking on the ALLOW or BLOCK icon.

Office-Logic InterChange and Office-Logic Groupware will allow users to easily add or modify e-mail addresses to their White List or Block List. The White List – Challenge Response SPAM blocking technology in Office-Logic InterChange does not require a lot of monitoring or administration, and is the best solution for blocking unwanted Junk Mail with the least chance for errors or false positives on the market.

Office-Logic InterChange also includes another level of SPAM filtering called Grey Listing. The Gray List feature depends on increasing the cost of junkmail mail delivery by taking advantage of the current behavior of most “junkmail servers” in that they don’t retry delivery of messages to servers that refuse the connection. Each time a particular sender attempts delivery to a particular recipient from a particular IP address range, Office-Logic InterChange looks for the “triplet” of information in its database. If it is the first attempt, it will be added to the database and the sending server will be given a “451 Server busy. Please try again later.” message and the attempt terminated. On the second attempt, if it is found to fall within the time window (i.e., more than 59 seconds and less than 4 hours) the message will be delivered. If it tries too quickly (i.e., less than 59 seconds) it will be again rejected as “early” or too late (i.e., more than 4 hours) it will be rejected as “late”. Once the triplet is allowed to deliver a message, it will continue to be allowed unless there is no further attempts for more than 36 days. In which case the process will begin again.

While this mechanism doesn’t stop all junkmail and it does cause an initial delay (the amount is dependent on the sending servers operation), it has proven to be very effective at stopping a substantial amount of junkmail.

LAN-ACES, Inc. has been developing e-mail, scheduling, and remote access solutions since 1984. Our commitment is to offer an easily configurable and maintained mail server that offers the best features available.

  • Mail Server
    • SMTP direct smart mailer or relay to a different SMTP server
  • WebMail Interface
    • Full real-time access to your e-mail through an intuitive web based interface.
  • WebScheduler Interface 
    • Personal & Group scheduling through any easy-to-use web based interface.
    • Create personal, group, or recurring appointments easily.
    • Overlay multiple calendars on top of your personal schedule.
    • Allow others to easily switch to your calendar to add appointments.
  • Multiple Public Address Books
    • Create multiple public address books that users can easily select.
  • SPAM Filtering
    • Block 100% of Automated SPAM before it reaches your users mailboxes.
  • Virus Scanner
    • One year virus definition subscription included.
    • Automatically checks and updates new virus definitions every 3 hours.
    • Quarantine viruses.
    • Send virus alert notifications to an administrator.
    • Automatically remove virus attachment and send original message to the end user (configurable).
  • Attachment Filtering 
    • Specify which attachment extensions to filter.
    • Send attachment alert notifications to an administrator.
    • Quarantine attachments.
    • Inbound and Outbound Message Archiving.
  • Easy Migration 
    • Import from Infinite InterChange/Infinite WebMail: Users, E-Mail, Personal Address Books, Rules, Signatures, Personal Distribution Lists, Aliases.
    • Calendars from WebScheduler for WebMail.
    • Automatically migrate IMAP mailboxes at login.
  • Run as a service
  • Multiple Domain Support 
  • Mailbox Quotas
    • Set default mailbox quotas.
    • Create Modify mailbox quotas on a per user basis.
  • Discussion List Server 
    • Create discussion lists to easily share information with groups.
    • Configure lists that allow users to Subscribe or Unsubscribe themselves from discussion lists.
    • Configure lists that the administrator controls which users have access.
    • Allow subscribers to submit messages to the list or limit who is allowed to post messages.
  • POP3 Server
    • Allow remote access using any POP3 e-mail client.
  • IMAP4 Server
    • Allow remote access using any IMAP4 e-mail client.
  • IMAP4 Pass-thru Server
    • Automatically allows access to defined external IMAP4 servers.
  • Shared POP3 Server (Mail Bagging)
    • Allows you to host mail for other domains.
  • Shared POP3 Client
    • Allows retrieval of “mail bagging” accounts and distribution to user’s accounts.
  • Intruder Lockout Detection
    • Protects against unauthorized remote access to users mailboxes.
    • Intruder Lockout Notifications sent to an administrator.
    • Administrator can remotely release the lockout from the notification message.
  • Remote Access Rights
    • Configure remote access capabilities on a per user basis.
  • SyncML Sync server
    • Add-On program that allows you to synchronize your Office-Logic calendar and contacts with any BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Droid, Android\Google or Palm (Web OS) enabled devices.
  • SSL Encryption
    • SSL encryption for sending/receiving internet mail.
    • SSL encryption for remote access through the web interface.
    • Can be configured to Force SSL connections .
  • SFT support
    • System Fault Tolerance capabilities built in.
  • Rules Engine
    • Users can easily create rules to help them maintain their mailboxes.
    • Create GLOBAL rules that apply to everyone.
  • E-mail Archiving

Minimum System Requirements for Office-Logic InterChange:

Windows 2000*, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 or later

Minimum of 512MB memory

Additional 0.5 MB memory recommended per logged in WebMail or IMAP user

Additional 512MB or more memory recommended for file system caching

TCP/IP enabled network adapter with a static IP address

Broadband connection to the Internet

* Virus scanning not supported under Windows 2000

Office-Logic InterChange now integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server

Office-Logic Interchange Security Services for e-mail security is designed to help small, mid-size, and large firms mitigate the risks inherent in Internet e-mail communications. This Office-Logic solution is designed to act as your first line of defense, scanning e-mail and eliminating threats before they reach their network.

The addition of Exchange Server Protection further enhances the flexibility of Office-Logic InterChange.

You can choose options that intercept and dispose of e-mails containing viruses, spam, pornographic material and other harmful content – all of which can seriously compromise a business’s ability to function, impact employee productivity and potentially put your entire organization at risk. You are most likely to choose e-mail security services based on these factors:

Effectiveness – The solution is based on leading edge technology.

Ease of use – Easy to manage as an administrator managed service, the Admin (and not the end-user) controls the configuration at the server level and all of the infrastructure and updates.

End-users can control personal white-list and block-list from their desktop in addition to the Global list managed by the Administrator.

Price – This is a very cost competitive solution

Target audience: Small, Medium-sized, and large businesses and educational institutions.

Target industry: Cross-industry; healthcare, financial services, educational institutions.

The additional level of security provided by the solution helps reduce the opportunity for hackers to attack corporate infrastructure.

E-mail continuity is also provided if corporate e-mail servers go down — incoming messages are delivered when service is restored.

Easy to manage and cost-effective e-mail security is competitively priced. E-mail security options are implemented quickly. Office-Logic e-mail security services also includes Help Desk services, security advisories, and access to the Office-Logic incident response team.