Office-Logic Complete Solutions

The full package designed to take you and your organization to the next level with E-Mail, Personal & Group Scheduling, Data Management, Contact Management, Production Management, and Remote Access in a safe and easily maintained environment. 

  • LAN and WAN based solution
  • Local and Internet E-mail
  • Rich Text format for both inbound and outbound messages
  • Personal & Group Scheduling
  • Share & Overlay multiple calendars
  • Global Calendars
  • Contact Management
  • Multiple Address Books
  • Database Management
  • Phone Message Center
  • Local Chat Sessions
  • In/Out Board
  • To-Do Lists
  • Visual and Sound notifications for new E-Mail messages, Appointments, Phone Messages, Chat Sessions and In/Out Board


  • Improved control over your file access security
  • Isolate your Office-Logic e-mail and data files from the rest of your network devices
  • Improved performance with direct file access controls by eliminating the need for time consuming Windows file access calls
  • Full real-time remote access to all your Office-Logic e-mail and data files without limitations or duplication of data
  • Simplify remote access by using the same client that is run at the office
  • With Client Server Edition no longer requiring direct network access, you should also achieve improved network performance for your other applications
  • Easily improve performance, security, maintenance and remote access with Office-Logic Groupware Client Server Edition
  • SMTP Mail Server
  • Built in SPAM Filtering which includes Challenge Response Technology that blocks 100% of automated SPAM
  • WebMail
  • WebScheduler
  • SSL connections for sending and receiving e-mail, Web, POP3 and IMAP4 remote access
  • Discussion List Server
  • E-mail HTML filtering in WebMail
  • Attachment Filtering allows Administrators to limit specific attachment types from reaching end users, even if the attachment passes through virus scanning

    Disconnected remote access to E-mail, Calendars, Databases, Phone Messages, and To-Do Lists

    Allows users to access new e-mail messages and other Office-Logic data while not connected to their network or internet

    Allows users to synchronize their e-mail and data through a direct internet connection or modem to modem

    Great for users on the go that don’t always have or want access through the internet

  • SyncML – iPhone Sync Service will allow you to synchronize your contacts through your Office-Logic InterChange Server
  • Access to your calendars through the Safari browser on your iPhone device.
  • Your e-mail can be accessed using the POP3 or IMAP4 client that comes with your iPhone device.
  • IMAP4 and POP3 E-mail Client
  • Full real-time access to your Office-Logic E-mail, Calendars, Databases, and To-Do Lists
  • Access your complete Office-Logic mailbox including old mail, network and personal folders
  • Configure multiple user accounts
  • Easy to use with real-time access to your Office-Logic data
  • E-Mail Hosting with SPAM Filtering and Virus Scanning
  • WebScheduler Hosting
  • Network Consulting
  • Phone System Consulting
  • Internet Data Consulting
  • On-Site Training
  • Phone and Web Training
  • After Hours Technical Support